001: Adopted

001: Adopted What does every adoption have in common? In this episode Jamie shares a little about her adoption stories (spoiler alert: she has two!), how they are connected, and the most important thing for people to understand about adoption. She also shares about the game-changing strategy she learned to help her cope through processing […]

000: An Introduction

000: An Introduction What do adoption and allyship have to do with one another? EVERYTHING. Join host, Jamie K. Corbin as she briefly shares the intentions behind the podcast—spoiler alert, it has everything to do with helping adoptive parents become better allies for their children and it also has everything to do with how our […]

How to Create a Community of Allies

It never fails. I go to the theatre to watch an action-packed superhero movie with my husband and leave wiping tears out of my eyes. How does Marvel do that to me, every single time? It’s because they know how to tell a story that will connect with their audience’s deepest need—to feel a part […]