004: Expectations

004: Expectations What’s the big deal about expectations? Jamie starts at the beginning by establishing clear expectations for her listeners: what they can expect from her and what they can expect from their own allyship journeys. She then acknowledges the power expectations have to negatively impact the health of our relationships and outlines a clear […]

003: Allyship

003: Allyship What’s the most meaningful way to live into our adoption stories? After two episodes of exploring the pain, grief, and tension that co-exist with the joy and love of adoption, Jamie shares what she has found to be the most meaningful way to live into her adoption stories—allyship. She tells about her first […]

002: Into

002: Into Are you ready to uncover the tension that exists in every adoption story? In this episode Jamie explores the beautiful and the painful parts of adoption stories as she takes inventory of what she has been adopted into and out of. She encourages those connected to adoption to take their own honest inventory […]

001: Adopted

001: Adopted What does every adoption have in common? In this episode Jamie shares a little about her adoption stories (spoiler alert: she has two!), how they are connected, and the most important thing for people to understand about adoption. She also shares about the game-changing strategy she learned to help her cope through processing […]

000: An Introduction

000: An Introduction What do adoption and allyship have to do with one another? EVERYTHING. Join host, Jamie K. Corbin as she briefly shares the intentions behind the podcast—spoiler alert, it has everything to do with helping adoptive parents become better allies for their children and it also has everything to do with how our […]

How to Create a Community of Allies

It never fails. I go to the theatre to watch an action-packed superhero movie with my husband and leave wiping tears out of my eyes. How does Marvel do that to me, every single time? It’s because they know how to tell a story that will connect with their audience’s deepest need—to feel a part […]

Connect with Yourself After 2020

I sat at my desk, the warmth from the tears involuntarily rolling down my face almost comforting as I got more honest with myself than I had been in a long time, and answered her question directly. The moment hurt, but the pain passed almost as soon as the words had left my mouth—replaced by […]

Unlocking Connection: Magic Words

My first baby had barely taken a breath before my worst nightmare was unfolding. Literally, she wasn’t breathing, and that was why I was missing out on the immediate skin-to-skin bonding touted by many as the golden standard motherhood rite of passage for attachment. Instead, I watched the NICU team whisk her away for monitoring, […]

Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

I can still see the giant smiles on my students’ faces as I snapped their pictures on the playground equipment with a couple of giant, bright green and blue, polka dotted balloons. They were more than happy to spend their normal class time making silly faces and pretending to fly up into the sky with […]