I'm Jamie K. Corbin.
Allyship Educator & Strategist

My mission is to equip individuals with encouragement and strategies to navigate their allyship journey in a sustainable way so they can become reliable & action oriented allies in their community.


My Story

I can help you move past the fears keeping you from moving forward in your allyship journey.

Believe me, I had to learn about the allyship the hard way for myself, and I want it to be easier for you.

So I’m here to show you how.

The world feels so divided.

But I believe in fighting for love and connection.

I’m a Latina adoptee, and my mom and dad are both white. I was a 90’s kid, raised in a colorblind family. I spent the majority of my life struggling with attachment disorder, which made it almost impossible to connect with people in meaningful ways. I have also struggled to understand my racial identity, which changes depending on the social context around me.

My husband is my greatest ally.

Together we are raising three afro-latina daughters.

Interracial marriage became legal less than twenty years before we were born, and some of my extended family were purposefully left off the wedding invitation list because of their racism. We are intentionally parenting our girls to change the world with love; by first loving themselves deeply and then sharing that love generously with other.


I've learned hard earned lessons.

And I want to share what I know with you.

Difficult conversations and painful missteps are a part of the process, but with each comes an opportunity for heartfelt apologies and forgiveness. I combine my personal passion for allyship with my professional experience as an educator to help people like you navigate the challenging learning process of becoming better allies.

Lighthearted Facts About Me

Start your allyship journey prepared!

Get a preview of what allyship is all about, what to expect along the way, and where to plant your first few steps!